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The ICL range of turfgrass seed blends.


The ProSelect range has been developed through extensive breeding selection by ICL and our international seed partners to bring the most up-to-date material to the market, providing customers with the highest-quality turfgrass. 


Find out more on the ICL Turf & Landscape UK and Ireland websites.

Products within this range:

  • Premium Pitch Packs

  • Tees/Fairways Packs

  • Fescue Fairways Packs

  • 80/20 Greens Packs

  • Fescue Greens Packs

  • Classic Packs

  • Sport TRT Packs

  • All Bent Packs

  • Riptide Packs

  • Cricket Packs

  • Speed Germ Packs

  • Equestrian Packs


Developed through extensive trial programmes.

Features varieties to suit a range of turf requirements.

Each blend contains highly rated varieties.

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