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Sportsmaster CRF Mini

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A combination of controlled and conventional release technology


The Sportsmaster CRF Mini range contains a combination of controlled release technology with conventional granular fertilisers to provide tees, fairways, sports fields and turf with a consistent growth response for up to 3 months.


Find out more on the ICL Turf & Landscape UK and Ireland websites.

Products within this range:

  • Active 25kg

  • High N 25kg

  • Spring Starter 25kg

  • Start 25kg

  • Stress Control 25kg

  • Active 500kg


Mini-granular premium fertiliser for use on a wide range of turf types.

Polyhalite included for enhanced turf colour, vigour, growth and quality.

Controlled nutrient delivery sustains growth for up to 3 months.

Quick-start nitrogen sources.

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