Qualifying Products

Collect points from these qualifying ICL and Syngenta products and claim a range of rewards.

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ICL Qualifying Products

SierraformGT Greenmaster ProLite Sierrablen Plus Sportsmaster CRF Mini ProTurf Sierrablen Greenmaster Liquid (200L) Sportsmaster WSF ProSelect Sportsmaster WSF SeaMax Greenmaster Liquid Effect Vitalnova (10L) Vitalnova (200L) Vitalnova (1,000L) Greenmaster Liquid (10L)

Syngenta Qualifying Products

Syngenta Instrata Elite Syngenta Instrata Syngenta Heritage Maxx Syngenta Heritage Syngenta MedallionTL Syngenta Headway Syngenta BannerMaxx Syngenta BannerMaxx II Syngenta Rescue Syngenta PrimoMaxx (5L) Syngenta Qualibra (10L) Syngenta Qualibra (200L) Syngenta PrimoMaxx (10L) Syngenta PrimoMaxx II (5L) Syngenta PrimoMaxx II (10L) Syngenta Qualibra (500L)

Ultimate Offers

Ultimate Offer NK Ultimate Offer High N Ultimate Offer S&S Ultimate Offer WSF/18 Ultimate Offer WSF/36 Ultimate Offer Iron Ultimate Offer SeaMax