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Beepol Hive & Villa - UK Only


Enhance your facility with the truly unique offering of a Beepol Wooden Villa and Bumblebee hive.*


Designed and produced by hand in the UK the Dragonfli Bumblebee Hive is the perfect focal point for any facility.


Beautifully crafted to house a full colony of British Bumblebees, which are included as part of our offering, our Bumblebee Villa is made from FSC timber, with wooden legs to raise it off the ground, rear ventilation hole and a detachable wooden roof with grey, rough felt finish for weather protection.


The Beepol Bumblebee Hive features a queen, 60-80 workers and eggs, growing to much higher numbers over time. The species, Bombus terristris audax, is native to Britain. Each hive is supplied with an internal sugar water food source and has a two to three-month lifespan, depending on conditions and weather.


  • Bumblebees will die out naturally after 2-3 months and do not overwinter. 
  • Beepol colonies often produce new queens that set up new, local colonies.
  • Made from FSC-sourced timber with felt roof for protection from weather.
  • Sprayed with an anti-moth spray to ensure safety from Wax Moth predation.


Note: Due to the nature of this reward, the Bumblebee Colony/Hive will be supplied from early May to July 2021, dependent on weather conditions. Claims made after these dates will be supplied in summer 2022.

* Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, this reward is not available for customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 

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