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Beepol Replacement hive - UK Only


Repopulate your Beepol Villa with a replacement bumblebee colony.*


Bumblebees have a shorter lifespan than honey bees and queens leave hives in winter to hibernate safely in the wild. A Beepol replacement hive allows Beepol Villa owners to repopulate their hives, usually between late April and late July, enjoying the benefits of an on-site bumblebee hive through 2021.


The replacement hive features a queen, 60-80 workers and eggs of the native British species, Bombus terristris audax. Hives come with internal sugar water food sources and have lifespans of two to three months, dependant on weather and hive conditions.


  • Beepol colonies can produce new queens that set up local colonies.
  • Sprayed with an anti-moth spray to protect from Wax Moth predation.


Note: Due to the nature of this reward, the Bumblebee hive will be supplied from early May to July 2021, dependent on weather conditions. Claims made after these dates will be supplied in summer 2022.

* Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, this reward is not available for customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 

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