Frequently Asked Questions

You must submit your claim by 31st December 2018.

No – Turf Rewards claims cannot be made on purchases that are made in conjunction with any other offers or deals.

Any person or organization that purchases qualifying products via UK or Ireland distributors.

No – All Turf Rewards vouchers must be redeemed with the relevant bodies within a calendar year of claim – Vouchers will be void after this date.

Sign up at then log in each time you purchase qualifying products to register your purchases. Once you have accrued sufficient points for the reward you would like to claim, submit your claim on the website and once validated your chosen reward will be sent to you.

Yes – if you made a purchase earlier in the current year prior to signing up at you can include this retrospectively on your claim. Purchases must have been made during the same Calendar year that you are claiming in.

Yes – If you have previously purchased a quantity of product that falls below the qualifying threshold you can effectively top this up to the qualifying level by making an additional purchase.

Rewards will be mailed or couriered to the address of your club or organization, for attention of the contact name you have given. In certain cases vouchers will be sent via email to the registered email address on your Turf Rewards account. Turf Rewards will be delivered within 28 days from receipt of a qualifying claim.

Rewards will be delivered within 30 days of receipt of a qualifying claim.

Only purchases for qualifying products made in the current year are applicable for the scheme.

No, all accounts points balances are reset to zero points on 31st December in preparation for the following years scheme. Any remaining points balance will be lost.